Do you long to be in the air? 

Reach a new high!  Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Our qualified instructors will take you through the basics of aircraft management.  You will take supervised control of stick, rudder and attitude, to understand the foundations of pilot techniques. All of this during your initial flight.  The aircraft will be a tail-wheel motor glider, and your flight experience includes a pre- and post-flight briefing.

An advantage of our site location is the incredible scenery that will be on view.  It could be the spectacular Murray River and Lakes Albert and Alexandrina, maybe the amazing Coorong, Murray Mouth, or even the edge of the beautiful Adelaide Hills.  These are all possible areas for your flight, but are dependent on available time and weather conditions on the day.

Anyone who loves adventure, and dreams about flying would be thrilled to receive the opportunity of a flying lesson.  Those under 18 years old require written parental consent.  Both weight and height restrictions are in place, and are variable, considering available aircraft and weather.

To book your flight, please contact us

What next?  Following your first instructional flight, the club is able to offer further instruction to obtain your gliding pilot licence, and provide continued solo flying.  Multiple instructors and aircraft will benefit you.